6 Interesting Things to Know About the NHL before Betting

6 Interesting Things to Know About the NHL before Betting

6 Interesting Things to Know About the NHL before Betting

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Hockey is a sport wherein two teams try to maneuver a ball, which in technical terms mean puck, and score by putting it through the opponent’s goal with the use of a hockey stick.

There are different types of hockey but the National Hockey League is only for ice hockey and today, you can bet on it in casinos.

The NHL League

Before NHL, the National Hockey Association was there to regulate the Ice Hockey professional game. During that time, only 4 Canadian teams were allowed to play.

For some time, the said tournament was only participated by Canadian teams until the Boston Bruins, an American team, participated in 1924. This then signalled a new era.

To understand more about ice hockey, we have compiled some interesting that you may want to know in case you are planning to engage in NHL casino betting.

Tied Games

When the games are tied after 3, 20-minute gameplay, the teams will enter a sudden-death wherein they will play 5-minute overtime until the winner is determined. However, when it comes to the playoffs, the teams will play without a specified time until there’s a sole winner.

The Longest Tied Game

Speaking of tied games, the longest tied game ever played was between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons. Aside from the game itself, they have endured a gruelling six overtime periods which is equivalent to three full games in just one night.

The Rival League

The curse of the competitive market is a term used in economics about an economic event wherein people tend to copy something that is doing well.

Because of the success of the National Hockey League, there was a time where they had a rival league which was then referred to as the WHA or the World Hockey Association.

However, after it was established in 1973, the league wasn’t able to keep up and had to close down in 1979. Teams which participated in the WHA all those years then transferred to NHL to continue playing the game that they love.

The Halls of Fame

Currently, there are 2 halls of fame in the record. There is one in Toronto, Canada and there’s another one in the United States. The difference between the two is that the US hall of fame is solely for the US-born players and coaches.

The Growing Cup

The Stanley Cup is what the teams of the National Hockey League are fighting for. When the league started the cup was only 7 inches high but now it is more than 35 inches high. That’s like 5 times higher than what it used to be.

Canada Leads

Currently, the 2 leading teams for the most Stanley Cup winners are all from Canada. The highest number of Cups are won by the Montreal Canadiens and is followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Secret Behind the Mask

Mask-wearing goaltenders in NHL are indeed very common these days but when it started, it was not. The first time a goaltender wore a mask was in 1959.

This was the time where Jacques Plante of the Montreal wore one because of a broken nose which he got from a previous game.

Isn’t it amazing how a small league has become something bigger? The NHL has indeed come a long way. It wasn’t easy, but the results were worth it. Now that you know more about the NHL, you are ready to start betting!

NHL Wheel of Justice

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